Evelyn Rothschild

Phone: (984) 664-2803
Email: thechampagneinyourlife@gmail.com

You feel anxious and nervous while waiting for the time to begin your date.  The nervousness is like the excited feeling you get when next in line of a new roller coaster ride.  You hope that you will enjoy yourself. You hope that your time will not be wasted. Or that you are such an oddball that chemistry just is not possible.  You ache for a connection with a sensual, seductive, independent woman. The thrill of being attracting and being attractive to an intoxicating woman of substance.  You know you have no problem attracting women. You seduce people all of the time. It is one of the reasons you are successful.  You have no problem charming people, even powerful people. But those people just want something from you.  They don’t stimulate your loins.  They don’t inspire you. You ache to be inspired; to find your muse; to catapult you to your next adventure.

You hope that She can break the spell. Please, let this Woman be the key to the infinite.

Let Her show me a world I’ve not ever imagined.  Let Her show me how to feel alive again! Oh to feel that euphoric high of new love, dangerous love, forbidden love, secret love, uninhibited passion. Please. Woman! Unleash the hunger in me, that of which aches to feel intoxicated by a Goddess such as Her.  Let Her be strong enough to take my attention and hold it……..until I relinquishing wholly to the Experience, hoping She earns my trust allowing me to reveal all that I am, all that I desire, and allow Her to do with me as She pleases, to use me as She sees fit, to not be impressed at my accomplishments instead humbling me as I desperately need.  I don’t need to be beaten. No, I need a Woman whose mere presence and touch is enough to calm and subdue so that She can mold and teach me a new way that wakes me up.

This Woman, this Goddess, this Muse is all that you hope.  Trust Her let Her inside your world.  She will inspire you in ways still unknown to this physical world.  She will change your paradigm and bring you back to a balanced and peaceful reality. That you will be able to share in your personal life once your feet return to Earth.

To leave you in better condition than the way She found you, that is Her life’s ambition.

The Experience
“An Affair to Remember” or “Bridges of Madison County Experience” is the most appropriate way to describe time with me. I am not a nagging girlfriend, nor am I porn star in the sack. I am authentic and I am a pleaser. I love to put you on stimulation overload or sensory depravation techniques to enhance our fun. I like to stretch the sensuality to the max and make the majority of our time a sensual and sometimes tantric-like experience. I will keep you edged or go the opposite and stimulate you again and again in order to keep the passion high and the experience one of a kind. Basically, I desire to be your best fantasy and memory ever. I want you to be thinking of me 20 years from now and sharing how hot our time was with all of your buddies when you are too old to play anymore.

Dinner dates are always enjoyable. I will go out in public with you. You can be the envy of all the guys and coveted by all women who see us. Give me notice so I am hungry and dressed appropriately. This experience depends on the location of the restaurant.

Roleplaying can be fun and provide a relaxing way to unwind and let you be who you want to be. The person you sometimes can’t be around your business peers and associates. I have played the teacher, the student, the nurse, the stranger, the vamp, the neighbor, and the lady in a shoe store, even the boss’ wife!! Now there is a fantasy for some men.

Let me be your eyes and ears at black tie events. Think, “The Devil wears Prada.” I am extremely charming, socially adept, savvy, and intelligent. I have a knack for reading people like a book. I can’t explain what it is exactly. When I was a child my mother would say to me, “you have that ‘it’ factor. I have it to which is why I can see it in you. You are able to cast spells on people.”

I have been told that I am the perfect companion for the couple who have been curious but a bit timid to take the first step. I can read people very well. I know if the lady is just going through the motions so she can keep him loyal or if she is really turned on by being with a woman. I have made even the most awkward situations turn out pleasant and memorable. My laid back, unassuming attitude can easily put you both at ease. We can meet over lunch, cocktails or dinner, where we can get acquainted and establish a connection first. If you choose to extend our time together you can be assured that it will be one of those wonderful experiences you will not soon forget!

up to 2 hours sneak away: $600
up to 3.5 hours tryst: $950
up to 5 hours escape: $1300
up to 8 hours date: $1800
overnight fantasy: $2500

Requests outside of the Austin area require at least 8 hours notice with 24 hours or more notice preferred. I require a minimum $200 travel fee (depends on the amount of travel). Some situations may require you booking me a “3 star plus” room in advance and confirmed.

My tribute is reasonable in relation to the experience I offer and after the first meeting is negotiable to fit our arrangement. I say this with confidence because I have had several recent experiences where I learned what a $200-$300 girl will get you. Read about my experiences, they are funny and insightful. I had to go through three bad experiences to get to one good one, which cost me more than my 2-hour rate. There are diamonds in the rough like some of my friends. Wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind that you will have a great time with a great lady? Your time is valuable. Why not just get it right the first time so you can tend to more important things in your life?!

I can bring a girl friend, too. Please add $600 additional tribute for the first two hours of her time with us. Make me a suggestion to consider for longer engagements.

Please either hand me the envelope at dinner (a card is very normal to give publicly between civilian couples) or place in the bathroom after we meet while you are washing your hands. I will ask to be excused to wash my hands as well. Don’t worry; I’ll remind you to wash those hands before they explore my naughty bits.

Advance bookings are highly recommended as I see a limited number of clients and book up very quickly. While I prefer booking a week or two in advance, I can book you quickly if I have seen you before and have a open appointment on the requested day. Houston requests require at least 8 hours notice with 24 hours or more notice preferred.

The sooner you arrange for a meeting the better, if you want to be assured of a certain date. Please contact me by email, text, phone call or fill out the Contact form on this website.

My Ethics
Our visit requires trust on the part of both of us. My reputation as a provider is all that I have. I promise that I will protect your privacy.

Gifts are never expected but are always appreciated. I will always be pleased with your thoughtful gift or tip. I like body treatments like lotions, scrubs, gift certificates to the spa (I like to try new spas so venue isn’t important to me). I also like to have a full bar champagne (Doh!), wine, and whatever you prefer to drink are wonderful gifts. Candles, perfumes (again I love variety), chocolate, fruits, lingerie, silk stockings are other ideas.

I am very security conscious, all first-time clients require screening. Any information provided will stay confidential. I understand the need to remain discreet. Please do not call me from a blocked or private phone number. There is no way around the screening process. There are many ways to screen so send your email to me as complete as you can make it. I will do my best with the information you have provided. Be honest. If you are not, that alone is reason for me to refuse to see you. Remember, I am very discrete with any information you provide. My reputation and safety depends on it.

Screening methods:

  • Screening service
  • Provider References
  • Phone verification
  • Employment verification

I DO accept Preferred411, RoomService2000 and Date-Check screening services. Using these services will make it easier since they have already verified your information.

If you do not use these services, then you can supply provider references. The more you are able to provide the better. When I ask you for references I mean other ladies that you have already had experiences with that know you and know you conduct yourself as a gentleman. I do verify these ladies. In other words, I am going to look at their advertising, reviews and other things to be sure they are legitimate providers. After verification is done. I will then email or call the ladies and ask for a reference. When supplying a reference, please be sure to list enough information so that I can find the lady in question.

  • Name
  • Where they advertise
  • Where they are reviewed
  • City they work from
  • Phone number

All of these things or even a combination of them speed up the screening process immensely. It is always a good idea to let the ladies know I will be checking with them about you and that it is ok to give me a reference. I want to make this process as easy for you as possible.

If you do not have references that are verifiable or you are a “first timer”, I strongly suggest joining a screening service such at Preferred411 or Date-Check. In the meantime, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Your first and last name.
  • The name of the Company you work for
  • Company main phone number

I make a discreet call and ask your switchboard operator for you by name, usually under the guise of checking a reference for a recent application, such as a credit app or membership app. If you would prefer, I can have a male call to verify so that it looks more business like to the operator.

I do not sell services a la carte. I don’t have a menu listing activities and their individual prices. That’s prostitution and that’s illegal.

When asking questions about our session there is a right and wrong way. The wrong way, if you asked, “how much more for xxx ”. I would respond, “oh honey, that’s not something I would consider.” An appropriate way to get your answers is to ask like this, “have you ever in your life enjoyed greek activities?” To which I would respond, “no, I don’t enjoy greek activities, been there done that.”